Physical Science and Electricity

Put your goggles on! GSK Science in the Summer™ brings
Physical Science and Electricity to elementary students at Philadelphia libraries

Registration Begins May 4 — Space is Limited

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Philadelphia County students entering second through sixth grade are invited to register and attend GSK Science in the Summer™, a free, hands-on enrichment program that makes learning about science fun. Sponsored by GSK and administered by The Franklin Institute in partnership with local libraries, the experiment-oriented courses are taught by certified teachers to classes of 16 students in two age groups: children entering second and third grades (Level I), and children entering fourth through sixth grades (Level II).

What is a magnetic force field? Why does a compass always point north? How does a light switch work? GSK Science in the Summer™ will help Philadelphia students answer these questions. They will experiment with magnets, see the effects of static electricity and build their own electrical circuit. Students will learn first-hand about electrostatic generators, and discover why Physical Science and Electricity is a hair-raising experience!

GSK Science in the Summer™ opens young minds to the world of science and fosters a life-long appreciation of learning. Now in its 29th year, GSK Science in the Summer™ encourages elementary students to get involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning through hands-on activities and stimulating coursework. More than 125,000 students from the Greater Philadelphia Area have participated in GSK Science in the Summer since its inception.



Registration for all Philadelphia County Libraries begins May 4, 2015 at noon.

Special note: For the first time, registration for GSK Science in the Summer™ in the Greater Philadelphia Area is online! To register, you must have a valid email address, which you can create for free through a variety of websites, such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Use your home computer or visit your local library to use the public computers to complete the online registration. Registration opens May 4 at noon and will be processed in the order they are received.

See below for library locations, course dates and library phone numbers.

2015 GSK Science in the Summer™
Philadelphia County Course Dates & Times:

In Philadelphia, GSK Science in the Summer™ consists of two two-hour sessions that occur across two days for a total of four hours. Unless otherwise noted, class times are:

Level I: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm (morning class) and
Level II: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm (afternoon class)


North Philadelphia


Fishtown Community Library
1217 E. Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia, PA, 19125
(Montgomery Ave. & Flora St.)
Phone number: (215) 685-9990
Course Dates: July 14-15

Lillian Marrero Neighborhood Library
601 West Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19133-2228
(6th St. and Lehigh Ave.)
Phone number: (215) 685-9794
Course Dates: July 16-17


Ramonita de Rodriguez Library
600 West Girard Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19123
(6th St. and Girard Ave.)
Phone number: (215) 686-1768
Course Dates: June 25-26

Richmond Neighborhood Library
2987 Almond St., Philadelphia, PA 19134
(Indiana Ave. & Almond St.)
Phone number: (215) 685-9992
Course Dates: July 9-10


Widener Neighborhood Library
2808 West Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19132
(28th St. & Lehigh Ave.)
Phone number: (215) 685-9798
Course Dates: June 30-July 1




Northeast Philadelphia



Bushrod Neighborhood Library
6304 Castor Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19149
(Castor Ave. & Stirling St.)
Phone number: (215) 685-1471
Course Dates: July 14-15

Fox Chase Neighborhood Library
501 Rhawn St., Philadelphia, PA 19111
(Rhawn St. & Jeanes St.)
Phone number: (215) 685-0547
Course Dates: June 30-July 1


Greater Olney Neighborhood Library
5501 North 5th St., Philadelphia, PA 19120
(5th St. and W. Tabor Rd.)
Phone number: (215) 685-2845
Course Dates: July 16-17

Katherine Drexel Neighborhood Library
11099 Knights Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154
(Knights Rd. & Fairdale Rd.)
Phone number: (215) 685-9383
Course Dates: July 21-22


Northeast Regional Library
2228 Cottman Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19149
(Cottman Ave. & Oakland St.)
Phone number: (215) 685-0509
Course Dates: July 9-1

Wyoming Neighborhood Library
231 E. Wyoming Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19120
(Wyoming Ave. & "B" St.)
Phone number: (215) 685-9158
Course Dates: July 9-10



Northwest Philadelphia



Andorra Neighborhood Library
705 East Cathedral Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19128
(Henry Ave. & Cathedral Rd.)
Phone number: (215) 685-2552
Course Dates: July 14-15

Chestnut Hill Neighborhood Library
8711 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19118
(Germantown Ave. & Bethlehem Pike)
Phone number: (215) 685-9290
Course Dates: July 7-8


Joseph E. Coleman Regional Library
68 West Chelten Ave., Philadelphia, Pa 19144
(Greene St. & Chelten Ave.)
Phone number: (215) 685-2152
Course Dates: July 11 & July 18 (Saturdays)

Oak Lane Neighborhood Library
6614 North 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19126
(12th St. and W. Oak Ln.)
Phone number: 215-685-2848
Course Dates: July 28-29


David E. Cohen/Ogontz Neighborhood Library
6017 Ogontz Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19141
(Church Lane & Ogontz Ave.)
Phone number: (215) 685-3566
Course Dates: June 25-26

Roxborough Neighborhood Library
6245 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19128
(Ridge Ave. & Hermitage St.)
Phone number: (215) 685-2550
Course Dates: June 30-July 1


Wadsworth Neighborhood Library
1500 Wadsworth Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19150
(Wadsworth Ave. & Michener Ave.)
Phone number: (215) 685-9293
Course Dates: June 25-26




West Philadelphia



Lucien E. Blackwell Regional Library
125 South 52nd St., Philadelphia, PA 19139
(52nd & Sansom St.)
Phone number: (215) 685-7422
Course Dates: July 11 & July 18 (Saturdays)

Cobbs Creek (Blanch A. Nixon) Library
5800 Cobbs Creek Pkwy., Philadelphia, PA 19143
(59th St. & Baltimore Ave.)
Phone number: (215) 685-1973
Course Dates: July 21-22


Haverford Neighborhood Library
5543 Haverford Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19139
(56th St. & Haverford Ave.)
Phone number: (215) 685-1964
Course Dates: July 23-24

Walnut Street West Neighborhood Library
201 S. 40th St., Philadelphia, PA 19104
(40th St. & Walnut St.)
Phone number: (215) 685-7671
Course Dates: July 16-17


Wynnefield Neighborhood Library
5325 Overbrook Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19131
(54h St. & Overbrook Ave.)
Phone number: (215) 685-0298
Course Dates: July 14-15




South Philadelphia


Charles Santore Neighborhood Library
932 S. 7th St., Philadelphia, PA 19147
(7th St. & Carpenter St.)
Phone number: (215) 686-1766
Course Dates: June 25-26

Fumo Family Library
2437 South Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19148
(Ritner St. & Broad St.)
Phone number: (215) 685-1758
Course Dates: July 7-8


Thomas F. Dontucci Library
1935 Shunk Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145
(20th St. & Shunk St.)
Phone number: (215) 685-1653
Course Dates: July 16-17

Whitman Neighborhood Library
200 Snyder Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19148
(2nd St. & Snyder Ave.)
Phone number: (215) 685-1754
Course Dates: June 30-July 1


Parkway Central Library
1901 Vine St., Philadelphia, PA, 19103
(Vine St. between 19th and 20th Streets)
Phone number: (215) 686-5369
Course Dates: July 11 & July 18 (Saturdays)