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Philadelphia-area students entering 2nd through 6th grades can become scientists at GSK Science in the Summer™. This free, hands-on science course taught by certified teachers at local libraries will delight participants while engaging their imaginations. Registration is required and space limited. Courses are:

Bucks County - Physical Science and Electricity
How do magnets work? What is a magnetic force field? What makes electricity? Students will learn the answers to these questions and more in Physical Science/Electricity. This course teaches about magnetism, static electricity, electrical currents and circuits with a compass, an electromagnet and an electrostatic generator. Discover why it’s a hair-raising experience!
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Chester County - Oceanography
The sea holds many secrets. Students in Oceanography will discover these secrets using microscopes, microviewers and magnifying glasses. They will observe microscopic sea life such as animal plankton and zooplankton. Students will have a chance to touch, draw, and learn about many different kinds of sea life including sponges, coral, jellyfish and mollusks. They also will learn lots of information about sharks. Students will examine prehistoric shark teeth and a shark's jaw with its rows and rows of teeth.
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Delaware County - Genetics
In this exciting course, students will learn about the wonders of Genetics through interesting investigations that teach about human chromosomes and genes. Students will build a cell, examine their fingerprints, and construct a DNA molecule. They’ll even get to extract DNA from a strawberry!
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Montgomery County - Chemistry
What is matter and why is it not always the same? Students in Chemistry will observe physical and chemical changes with fun experiments such as turning pennies into gold, making crystals, and watching popcorn “dance.” They'll also use litmus paper and a universal indicator to learn all about acids, bases, and indicators.
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Philadelphia County - Simple Machines
Machines can do amazing things that allow people to do work more easily, from lifting huge boulders to building bridges. In Simple Machines, students will learn all about the six kinds of simple machines – lever, inclined plane, screw, wheel, pulley, and gear – and how to build them. They also will learn about motion, discovering that everything in the universe moves and why.
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